Spencer Sutherland Kills His Ego on 'Everybody'

Spencer Sutherland Kills His Ego on 'Everybody'

by Bailey Richards

Spencer Sutherland’s new music video for his most recent single, “Everybody,” may portray a funeral, but it’s far from depressing. Directed by Sutherland’s girlfriend, actress Madison Iseman (I Know What You Did Last Summer, Jumanji), the simple but dreamy video will make you want to dance around while confetti falls from the air — and drink booze from a bedazzled flask.

Don’t let the “In Loving Memory” poster in the background fool you — the death the funeral-goers are mourning isn’t Sutherland’s. According to the LA-based singer, the video portrays the death of an ego. Specifically, he says it commemorates the passing of the part of him that “tried to ‘fit in’ and cared too much about what people thought of him.”

As both a singer and actor (he starred in Netflix’s Afterlife of the Party and I Know What You Did Last Summer alongside Iseman), Sutherland based the song on his experiences in the industry:

“‘Everybody’ was inspired by the feeling that I get when I feel like I don't belong, and being made to feel bad because of it,” he says.

The colorful sweater vest-wearing TikToker, who is currently touring with Big Time Rush says “Everybody” is his submission for the song of the summer. Above all else, he just wants it to be an anthem and “pep talk” for anyone who feels like they don’t belong.

“And in the end [of the video], you see how happy being unapologetically you can be,” Sutherland says.

Photo courtesy of Lexie Alley