Sound Off: 10 New Songs You Need to Hear Now

Sound Off: 10 New Songs You Need to Hear Now

by Shaad D'Souza

It's impossible to be across all the new music out each Friday. Luckily, PAPER is here to help you out: each week, we round up 10 of our favorite new songs from artists — emerging and established — to soundtrack your life. From the surreal to the sublime, these songs cover every corner of the music world. The only criteria: they all have to absolutely rip.

Zolita — "Single In September"

Zolita’s latest single is a Taylor Swift-ian piece of polished radio rock that features a gorgeous earworm of a hook.

Doss — "Jumpin"

Doss’ new one is a total heater: a six-minute slow burn that’s funky, fresh, weird and totally unforgettable. She can’t miss!

Teezo Touchdown — "Handy Man"

Teezo Touchdown links with Kenny Beats for “Handy Man,” a single that expands Teezo’s palette to include sweet, surreal balladry.

Richie Quake — "That’s Not Love!"

Richie Quake evokes The Kooks and other icons of indie on the gorgeous "That’s Not Love!", a warped ballad that’s perfect for lazy winter days.

Beach House — "Hurts to Love"

Beach House’s new song is a lo-fi gem, a mantra for tough times with a hook to tattoo on your heart: “If it hurts to love, you better do it anyway."

Snail Mail — "Adore You"

This stripped-back demo version of Snail Mail’s “Valentine” is perfect for those who hate February 14. Consider this an anti-Valentine’s banger!

Bad Boy Chiller Crew — "Always Be My Baby Boy"

Bad Boy Chiller Crew are ridiculous and totally incredible. Case in point: “Always Be My Baby Boy,” an unhinged piece of pop rap that’s catchier than 90% of the stuff on the radio.

Winston Surfshirt & Genesis Owusu — "There’s Only One"

Titans of Australian pop link for this lush banger, a perfect union of Genesis and Winston’s styles that’s perfectly timed for the dog days of Australian summer.

Nilufer Yanya — "anotherlife"

Nilufer Yanya follows up the awesome, almighty “Midnight Sun” with the sweet “anotherlife,” a show of versatility that’s the perfect tonic for her previous single’s darkened edges.

Hurray For The Riff Raff — "SAGA"

Hurray For The Riff Raff questions existence and humanity on “SAGA,” a highlight from her spectacular new album that showcases her gorgeous voice.

Photo courtesy of Dimitri Tzoytzoyrakos