Solange Knowles: 'My God Wears a Du-Rag'

Solange Knowles: 'My God Wears a Du-Rag'

Aside from the fact that Solange Knowles pulled a Rihanna and showed up to the year's most fashion-forward occasion in a statement-making du-rag, the queen of our hearts was also not about to sacrifice her positive energy for the notoriously stressful event.

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In a truly magnificent move, the younger Knowles took the 2018 Met Gala in a oil-slick, structural black Iris van Herpen dress, paired with latex thigh-high socks, strappy perspex heels, a halo, wrist cuffs, an a small net bag containing Agua de Florida and a chunk of obsidian.

For those unfamiliar with either substance, both are used spiritually to maintain energy and provide spiritual clarity. Obsidian, a jet black crystal, is know as the "stone of truth." It stabilizes and strengthens one's aura, absorbs and protects one from negative energy, blocking attacks. Agua de Florida, alternatively, is generally comprised of nine different herbs and flowers, and is known to cleanse spaces of negativity.

Solange gave fans the opportunity to vote for her Kyle Luu-styled look via Twitter because she couldn't "handle the anxiety." Naturally, they voted for the Iris van Herpen, and were particularly enamored when she removed her headpiece to reveal she was wearing a du-rag underneath. Without explanation or revealing the results, Solange closed the poll and later posted a screenshot of a tweet advising her which to choose: "The last pic because my god loves a durag," the fan wrote.

And here is her afterparty look, which highlights her bedazzled "My God Wears a Du-Rag" statement. Heavenly.

No one does the function like Solange.

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