Solange Launches Digital Library Spotlighting Black Voices
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Solange Launches Digital Library Spotlighting Black Voices

Solange is continuing her mission of bringing Black voices to the front.

On Monday, the musician debuted the Saint Heron Digital Library alongside her creative agency of the same name. The library, which was created to spotlight Black and brown voices, will feature all types of genres, including fiction, nonfiction, poetry, art and more.

Many of the books are extremely rare and out-of-print which speaks to Solange and Saint Heron's desire to preserve these works for future generations, especially students and creatives. Not only that, but this is only the first iteration of the Saint Heron Digital Library since they plan to offer more "seasons" down the road. And for those of you who are curious, this inaugural season, which runs until November, has been guest curated by Keeping Books founder Rosa Duffy who started the Atlanta organization as a community bookstore.

"The Saint Heron Library continues the work we have been building by preserving collections of creators with the urgency they deserve," Solange said, per Complex. "Together we seek to create an archive of stories and works we deem valuable. These works expand imaginations, and it is vital to us to make them accessible to students, and our communities for research and engagement, so that the works are integrated into our collective story and belong and grow with us."

She added, "I look forward to the Saint Heron library continuously growing and evolving and over the next decade becoming a sacred space for literature and expressions for years to come."

Currently, there are 50 curated titles that can be rented on a first-come, first-serve basis, and readers can borrow them at no cost for up to 45 days. Check out all the available titles via Saint Heron's website here.

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