We're Launching Our First-Ever Snapchat Show!

We're Launching Our First-Ever Snapchat Show!

Hi Uglies...

Last year, we launched our epic beauty series, SNATCHURAL, where I (your host, XOXOETHAN) taught you all things beauty. From viral products to celebrity guests, we've shown you how to get the perfect blend of snatched and natural — but now we're taking it even further.

On September 4, PAPER will be bringing SNATCHURAL to Snapchat and launching our first-ever show on the platform with a brand new episode dropping every Saturday.

While still focused on makeup, hair and skincare, our Snapchat series leans more into the internet and its influence on the world of beauty. Because every week it seems that there's a new viral product or technique that everyone is rushing to try.

Check out the trailer for SNATCHURAL on Snapchat, below!


SURPRISE!!! WE LAUNCHED A SHOW ON SNAPCHAT 👻 Link in bio to see @xoxoethanofficial talk all things glam 😌#beauty #makeup #fyp #makeupartist

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Photo courtesy of Vin Riportella