Is Slime Green the New Normal?

Is Slime Green the New Normal?

Anatomy of a trend, as it were.

As tech fashion becomes more popular and synonymous with youth culture, shades of ugly-on-purpose pastels fade in and out of vogue.

It's almost like kids these days are trying to literally wear the washed-out color palette decorating clunky, slow-moving early-Internet HTML pages, while attempting to also break it with viral content, for the culture. Like, these are the colors of the hazmat suits the kids are wearing when surviving the apocalypse, which would surely happen if the Internet actually stopped working forever, but make it fashion.

So far, we've been treated to millennial pink, Gen Z yellow, Kermit green—Vogueliterally called it "toxic green," further supporting our theory on the Internet as a bottomless vat of informational waste that we all add to every second! We see them first on runways, as if created in a lab or focus group, then Rihanna or Kim Kardashian wears them and everyone loses their minds, and then somehow, they are produced in factories with poor working conditions en masse to ultimately wind up on the clearance rack of your friendly neighborhood Forever 21. The anatomy of a trend, you're welcome.

It would appear that like Mariah Carey's many Moments, shades of green are still having their day in the sun. Next up: slime green, puke green, gangrene (kidding). But we are seeing it everywhere and it's looking flattering if you are an actor model model actor slash influential entrepreneurial influencer. Why?

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Remember oxblood, that disturbingly rich-looking 2011 color trend that was purported to spawn, in part, from the cultish popularity of theFifty Shades of Grey tomes? (Not in the pastel family, but I think you get the point.) We can only assume there must be some sort of nostalgia thing going on. Millennial pink was for early aughts bubblegum pop, Gen Z Yellow was for carefree sporty optimism (think: '90s workout tapes and self-help everything), and this lighter shade of green is homage to...slime? Boogers? The chewed-up limes dangling out of Corona bottles? What's chic and slime-colored? While I remain relatively unclear, please catch a glimpse at some of your faves somehow making this color look stellar. BRB, you can catch me in a hooded latex beekeeper suit and chunky trainers hiding in the clearance racks of some monster fast-fashion chain.

Kidding, you won't.

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