Your Sim Can Now Wear a Binder

Your Sim Can Now Wear a Binder

The Sims is for the gays and the theys. In its newest update, The Sims 4 introduced a line of trans-affirming medical wearables for character customization. Your Sim can now boast top surgery scars as well as wear binders and shapewear.

The Sims 4 also includes medical wearables like hearing aids in fifteen colors and glucose monitors for children and older Sims.

EA announced the updates in a blog post, along with the exciting new features of light switches, available in build mode.

But the main focus of the update is on character customization. Available under the new Medical Wearables category in Body and Face Accessories, users can add hearing aids and glucose monitors to Sims young and old, while teens and older Sims can add Top Surgery Scars under the same category. Sims can also opt to put on a binder or shapewear under the Underwear category.

However, some users noted the functionality of the new features is not entirely there yet.

While some find the update performative, other users applauded the renewed inclusivity for disabled and trans players, and, of course, the light switches.

The Sims has always served as a queer safe haven of sorts, with same-sex relationships embedded in gameplay from the onset in 1999 — albeit accidentally added back in by a programmer after the code for same-sex relationships was initially scrapped by developers.

But now, EA is intentionally upping its commitment to the LGBTQ+ community, recently rolling out the option to select nonbinary pronouns, following a petition from players demanding the option.

As trans lived experiences come under fire IRL, The Sims 4 may provide some virtual escape.

Photo courtesy of Maxis/ EA