Can Someone Please Help Keke Palmer With Her 'Sims' Game?

Can Someone Please Help Keke Palmer With Her 'Sims' Game?

When she's not turning out looks on the red carpet or using her SNL hosting gig to announce her pregnancy, it turns out Keke Palmer likes to unwind with a game of The Sims 4. And while it's nice to know that Palmer, like the relatable queen that she is, enjoys sadistically watching a virtual family of four drown in a pool that you've removed the ladders from like the rest of us, even she is not immune from accidentally breaking her game. So what do you do when you run into technical difficulties? Ask the internet, of course.

Appearing visibly distressed in an Instagram Live feed, Palmer put the call out to her followers for help debugging her game after repeatedly running into the same glitch. “I’m on a Mac and I have a bad cc in my game that keeps making my Sim look crazy after she showers,” Palmer prefaced on Twitter. “I’m thinking it’s a cc and not a mod but I guess I gotta go through in find it? I’m so irritated.”

For the uninitiated, it's worth explaining that "cc" stands for “custom content,” which can encompass a variety of fan-created items that can be added to the game — it's pretty commonplace to see devoted Sims players use a variety of mods, given the vanilla version of the game's limited skin tones and lack of natural hairstylists.

When Palmer showed off the glitch that turned her Sims into the stuff of nightmare fuel after they took showers, she shared that she suspected the problem had to do with the infamously NSFW Wicked Whims mod she had installed, given that the problem seemed to be focused around their genitals. Eventually, Palmer sorted out the issue. At one point she also asked viewers to recommend more Black custom content creators on Patreon.

Afterward, Palmer took viewers on a tour of her Sims game, giving them the rundown on all the drama her character has going on at the moment, including juggling two boyfriends and flirting with Santa Claus.

“This is what I’ve been doing in the house,” she explained, “playing Sims, awaiting for my baby to arrive.”

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