Shygirl Gets Her 'FREAK' On

Shygirl Gets Her 'FREAK' On

If you aren't paying attention to Shygirl right now, there isn't much hope for you. The London artist has been absolutely dominating following the success of her 2019 anthem "BB," going on to collaborate with Arca (twice!), Georgia, SOPHIE and Zebra Katz to name a few. Lately, it feels like Shygirl can do no wrong and her latest single is helping prove that point.

Teaming up again with longtime collaborator and NUXXE label co-founder, Sega Bodega, Shygirl has returned with the hyper-sexual, barn-burner "FREAK." Unabashed and unrelenting, Shygirl doesn't so much embrace her sexuality as she does tie a leash around its neck and bring it to its knees. Lyrical one-two punches like "won't ever meet you mum/ But your daddy's on the phone" fly by at a breakneck pace, as Shygirl races along Bodega's turbo-charged take on electroclash.

"FREAK" arrives alongside a new animated visual that sees Shygirl getting transformed into a Bratz doll-like avatar and floating through a landscape of cotton-candy pink and seafoam-colored slime. Created in collaboration with animator Maurice Andresen and 3D designer Sy Blake, the CGI avatar "personifies [Shygirl's] desires for autonomy and freedom, as both an artist and a woman."

Watch the video for Shygirl's "FREAK" and stream it, below.

Photography: Aidan Zamiri