Shygirl, But Make It Bridgerton

Shygirl, But Make It Bridgerton

If you're anything like us (and if you're here, you probably are) you've had Shygirl'sALIAS EP on a near constant repeat since it dropped late last year. Exploring a variety of different sounds and as many facets of her own personality through the characters of Bae, Baddie, Bonk and Bovine, ALIAS was a full on moment for the London artist — and she's already looking to carry that momentum into 2021.

Revisiting the EP's Oscar Scheller-produced pop piano house cut, Shygirl has returned with the official music video for "TASTY." The visual is set in a grand estate in the english countryside, and sees Shygirl serving us pastel British nobility as she spirits through hedge mazes and fingers some crab legs in a long flowing tulle ballgowns. It's all very Bridgerton.

Channeling her Bonk alias, Shygirl teamed up with Creative Director Misha Notcutt to craft this carefree fairytale world that feels plucked straight out of a Disney princess movie and is rooted in the artist's own childhood fantasies. She's previously explained Bonk as being "a little bit more playful and [speaking] to not just my youth, but my initial exploration as a young woman and being thrust into the perception of being a sexual being long before I perceived myself that way, like from the ages of 11-13."

Watch Shygirl's official music video for "TASTY" and stream ALIAS, below.


Photo courtesy of Shygirl


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