Shubu Is on a Quest to Find the 'Heart of Love'

Shubu Is on a Quest to Find the 'Heart of Love'

Valentine's Day may have come and gone, hearts broken and healed, but that doesn't mean there is ever a bad time for a good love song. In fact, Chicago musician and producer, Shubu, has not just one, but TWO, new singles that will pair perfectly with that leftover box of chocolates you just found under a pile of magazines.

A frequent collaborator of Dorian Electra, Mood Killer, and Paul Cherry, Shubu follows up their debut single "Acid Rain" with the release of their two sparkling new tracks "Heart of Love" and "All I Need Is Your Tender Love & Kisses in the Pouring Rain." Essentially offering both sides of the same coin, Shubu explores a full range of love-tangled emotions on the new songs covering everything from soaring infatuation to sensual yearning.

Described as the unbelievable sonic combination of "George Michael plus Crazy Frog," the first of the two songs sets Shubu out on a grand adventure to find the "Heart of Love." Propelled by larger-than-life synths and anthemic vocals, the listener is carried away to new heights that feel positively limitless, all in search of the endless love that lies at the crux of the ballad. On the other side of that is "All I Need Is Your Tender Love & Kisses in the Pouring Rain" which moves away from grand sweeping gestures towards more intimate moments, focusing on smaller displays of affection as the things we should cherish and hold on to when weathering a great storm.

We caught up with Shubu to chat about their latest singles, love, and enduring legacy of Crazy Frog:

What was the inspiration behind these two singles?

Love 💕 it's so corny but it's all these songs are really about. The world can feel really dark sometimes but love is always worth living for. February is the month of Love so I wanted to do some cheesy love songs :)

What some of your all-time favorite ballads are?

Wow great question. Seal's "Kiss From a Rose," "I Have Nothing" by Whitney Houston, "maybe 2 Become 1" by Spice Girls, and "Sometimes" by Britney Spears.

You've cited George Michael as an inspiration for "Heart of Love" which comes across pretty clearly, are their any other artists that you would consider your influences?

I was always drawn to George Michael from a young age, his death impacted me more than I expected it to. There's countless artists worth mentioning as inspiration but I was listening to a good amount of Cher at the time.

I don't really have a question here, I just want to talk about Crazy Frog…

Hahah what do you want to talk about? Crazy Frog is sickening. Catchy and danceable. The music videos are iconic works of fantasy. Crazy Frog also has an amazing origin story I won't spoil. I want a Crazy Frog looking music video adventure to find the "Heart of Love."

What is the most romantic gesture you have ever seen?

Oh I'll definitely cry at a wedding. Idk, the big gestures feel almost artificial. It's the little things that keep love strong.

What advice about love would you give to your younger self?

Open your heart to love. My younger self definitely was afraid, but you can't resist the power of love.

Photos by Hannah Siegfried