Shawn Mendes Shares the Secret to Perfect Skin

Shawn Mendes Shares the Secret to Perfect Skin

With a larger shift towards natural and vegan beauty, it's inevitable for celebrities to begin cleaning up their beauty routines too. However, there are some, like Shawn Mendes, who seem to be really pushing the agenda.

When asked about his skincare routine, in a recent fan Q&A, the 20-year-old musician (who usually sports spotless skin), revealed he simply does not wash his face.

"My skincare routine — I'm not lying when I tell you guys that I just don't wash my face! I meditate a lot," he said. "I think skin is very based off of how you're feeling."

He also had some handy tips on how to finally get rid of that persistent acne. "You could rub dirt on your face but if you're happy, you won't break out. If you're unhappy or sad or stressed, that's when you break out the most. Just do everything that will make you happy," he advised. "So, honestly, do everything that will make you happier, I think."

Does this mean we toss out our serums and spot treatments? Well, not yet. Mendes added that while he apparently does not wash his face, he does do a face mask "every five days or so" which makes a "little difference."

Much like us, fans were a little amused; some were even heard mockingly saying, "Wow, I must be sad all the time." Twitter too, was filled with reactions that ranged from horror to jealousy to eye-rolls.

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