Shane Dawson Death Rumors Go Viral on His Birthday

Shane Dawson Death Rumors Go Viral on His Birthday

Shane Dawson is trending on Twitter once again for an unexpected reason.

On Tuesday, July 19, rumors of the controversial YouTuber's death began circulating on what was supposed to be his 34th birthday. Appearing to originate from a viral tweet citing a non-existent Deadline article, the poster claimed that Dawson was found dead inside his home in Colorado, thus inciting a subsequent avalanche of unfounded speculation for obvious reasons.

Further adding to the gossip mill was another respondent, who said Dawson allegedly "fell off a rooftop," before saying the news had already been confirmed Dawson's longtime boyfriend, Ryland Adams, on Instagram. And from there, supposed "evidence" of the rumored incident continued to pop up online, including videos of the alleged accident.

Not only that, but the chatter eventually got so bad that fellow YouTuber Keemstar decided to do his own investigation into why "Shane Dawson Died is Trending," though he went on to acknowledge that "this is most likely False Kpop spam." Even so, Keemstar said he had already texted Dawson "to see if he’s alive." That said, he also noted that he hadn't received a response yet.

For his part, Dawson never directly addressed the rumors. However, he did end up uploading several photos from "the best Birthday ever" to Instagram, including a grid post featuring one of his presents — an adorable puppy dog named "Riley Adams Dawson, code name RAD!"

"We love her so much already!! I can’t wait for you to meet her! Her personality is funny and I’m so proud of her every time she does literally anything," Dawson said. "Is this what 34 feels like?"

After realizing the death rumors were all a hoax, a number of fans returned to chastise "troll twitter," with one person writing, "It’s not like I think Shane Dawson is a good person, but photoshopping a fake instagram story not even 15 minutes after his death is announced is so weird."

"I understand nobody likes him, but you don’t joke about someone’s death," as another person said, before a third chimed in, "Look I can’t decide whether Shane Dawson is a good or terrible person since we don’t know him personally, but I would never wish death on someone I really hate but rather to be a better person and bring joy and value in this earth."

They added, "Seeing y’all wish this is real need some therapy."

Photo via Getty / Valerie Macon