Shakira Allegedly Trolls Ex-Mother-in-Law With Witch Doll

Shakira Allegedly Trolls Ex-Mother-in-Law With Witch Doll

Shakira is seemingly in a IDGAF mood.

Amidst her highly publicized split from her long-time partner, 35-year-old Spanish footballer Gerard Piqué, the 45-year-old Colombian megastar has displayed a mannequin of a witch with a pointy hat and broomstick on her balcony — which just so happens to face in the direction of her former mother-in-law's home.

Shakira and Piqué, who share two young sons, separated in June 2022 following allegations that he was cheating. The discovery was made when fans spotted the footballer's new girlfriend, Clara Chia Marti, in a Zoom interview he conducted from the couple's home back in 2021 while Shakira and their children were traveling.

Now, according to the New York Post, his mother, Montserrat Bernabeau, has informed reporters that she can see the witch doll from her house, leading to rumors that it was an act of intentional trolling.

Bernabeau went as far as to allege that she believed Shakira was using the doll for a ritual. "Weeks ago, I got some information that Pique’s mother was worried about an alleged ritual that was done to her with a black witch," tweeted Spanish reporter Marc Leirado Millán.

The bruja doll can also be seen in a video uploaded to Twitter over the weekend by a fan account. The video also reveals that Shakira has also been blasting her new song, entitled "Bzrp Music Sessions #53" featuring Argentine DJ-producer Bizarrap, non-stop.

With lyrics like "Women don’t cry anymore, women cash in" and "You left my mother-in-law as my neighbor, with the press at the door and the debt in the Treasury," the freestyle rap track is believed to be a diss track targeting Piqué.

Despite the apparently bitter split, Shakira told Ellein a 2022 interview that she and Piqué plan to co-parent with their children's best interests in mind. "Regardless of how things ended or how Gerard and I feel about each other as ex-partners, he is the father of my children," she said. "We have a job to do for these two incredible boys, and I have faith that we will figure out what is best for their future, their own dreams in life, and what is a fair solution for everyone involved."

Beyond her relationship troubles, the "Chantaje" singer has been in the spotlight for an alleged tax fraud case that threatens to land her in jail in Spain. Though she has been ordered to stand trial, she has denounced the case as a "smear campaign."

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