Obviously Selena Gomez Looks Stunning as a Blonde

Obviously Selena Gomez Looks Stunning as a Blonde

Thinking about going platinum for post-vax summer? Let Selena Gomez convince you that bleach is the only choice. The actress, pop star and beauty entrepreneur just shared a mirror selfie of her brand-new blonde locks, and they're a super fun departure from her signature brunette style.

Gomez sneakily shared the photo on her Rare Beauty feed, rather than main, commenting that she'd need to switch up her makeup look to match her new hair tone.

She went for a silverish blonde with dark roots, adding a bit of edge to the classic Hollywood blonde 'do. The rainbow pastel nails are fun, too!

Is this the start of a trend? Gomez is following in the footsteps of fellow brunette pop icon Billie Eilish, who surprised fans with an ultra-femme '70s inspired platinum shag earlier this month. It was a big contrast to her signature black-and-green e-girl look.

Just so the blonde aspirants know what they're in for: Gomez's stylists told Elle that her look took more than eight hours and 200 foils to achieve. But it was worth it, no? See you at the salon.

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