Saucy Santana Busts It Down With Latto in 'Booty'

Saucy Santana Busts It Down With Latto in 'Booty'

by Payton Dunn

We just can’t get enough of Saucy Santana. The viral "Material Girl" rapper is back this week with a music video for his addictive single, “Booty,” that really emphasizes the “Saucy” in “Saucy Santana.”

His video opens up with the word “Booty” plastered on a cartoonish sign, before fully embracing the surreal. The two O’s jiggle up and down to mimic a booty swaying side to side, preparing the viewer for the intense twerking that’s about to be served.

Santana comes in to sing, “Who else got a ass like this? Who else throw it back like this? Who else make ‘em mad like this? What else make ‘em act like this?” As he wraps up the pre-chorus, Santana busts it down to twerk with a whole cast of models dancing around him to the refrain of the song, drilling the word “booty” firmly into listeners' heads.

Santana’s then joined by Latto, who gives her guest verse from the back of a cookie truck, sensually licking the icing as she lathers it onto booty-shaped cookies that she graciously hands out to the hungry dancers. She's the perfect guest feature, though we'd love to see Lizzo hop on a remix of the cut (apparently Santana's already asked her).

In addition to his PAPER cover, Santana had just come off being included in XXL Magazine’s freshman class, which Latto was also a part of in 2020. This saw him celebrated alongside other rising rappers like SoFaygo, Cochise and BabyTron, concretely legitimizing him as a hip-hop powerhouse and proving his staying power beyond his seminal “Material Girl.”

We can officially add "Booty" to Santana’s long list of hit songs, further cementing him as one of the biggest breakout artists of 2022. He's come in swinging yet again and never seems to miss.

Photo courtesy of Saucy Santana