Russia's 'Devil Lips' Beauty Trend Is Going Viral

Russia's 'Devil Lips' Beauty Trend Is Going Viral

Today in bizarre beauty trends, it appears as if Instagram's most-talked about lip procedure is less Kylie Jenner and a little more "demonic."

According to Dazed Beauty, "devil lips" — also known as "octopus lips" thanks to their unique, undulating shape — is allegedly Russia's hottest new look and has been taking social media by storm.

Supposedly pioneered by a Russian plastic surgeon named Emelian Braude, this procedure reportedly involves injecting fillers to the outer edge of your lips in order to create a wave.

However, don't expect to see them IRL anytime soon. In the wake of the trend's virality, the devil lips look has, naturally, garnered a fair bit of skepticism — with many, including experts, contending that these images are likely the result of makeup or Photoshop.

"You cannot change the anatomical shape of the lips like this," cosmetic dentist Dr. Krystyna told the publication. "You can sharpen and contour by enhancing the vermillion border, but these 'devil lips' are unnatural."

Not only that, but Dr. Krystyna also points toward the trend being dangerous, as, "filler injected inappropriately could end up in a blood vessel, causing blockages and leading to necrosis (death) of the tissue."

Long story short, maybe don't try this one out. That said, if you do like the look, FaceTune or a little lip liner is always an option. Either way, check out what people are saying about them, below.

Photo via Instagram/@drachrisradaic