UK Politicians Want to Make Fillers Prescription Only

UK Politicians Want to Make Fillers Prescription Only

UK politicians are trying to put some serious restrictions on lip fillers.

According to a new report from Sky News, a group of MPs known as the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Beauty, Aesthetics and Wellbeing (APPG) are calling for regulation that would require proper qualifications for invasive procedures including, but not limited to injecting fillers, waxing and lasering. Additionally, they also want to limit advertisements for dermal fillers in the UK and extend a pre-existing ban on Botox for minors to similar treatments.

"The government needs to work fast with the bodies to introduce proper training and resources to help the industry move forward," as APPG leader Carolyn Harris told the outlet before saying their goal was to weed out unlicensed and improperly trained practitioners. The group is also trying to make pre-surgery consultations with medical professionals the norm, so that they can oversee any subsequent treatment.

Earlier this month, a Sky News investigation revealed that there were many less-than-qualified practitioners "certified" by unrecognized two-day courses, as well as a number of untrained people injecting fillers they bought online. As such, APPG are advocating for psychological pre-screenings, a national licensing program and prescription-only fillers.

Read Sky News' entire report, here.

Photo via Getty / Anwar Amro / AFP