Rossi Blows 'Disco Dust' All Over LA

Rossi Blows 'Disco Dust' All Over LA

Los Angeles’ reigning prince of camp-pop, Rossi, is back with a follow-up to last spring’s breakout single, “7 Minutes.” Packed with just as much nostalgia, “Disco Dust” is Rossi’s answer to a heartbreak anthem in the vein of Robyn’s “Missing U” — although there are no tears on his dancefloor, just ‘80s saxophone solos and silver tinsel wigs (everybody say, "It's giving Cher").

“The song for me is about a relationship that was ending, but even at the end of it I just wanted to take in the person, forget all the sadness and dance ‘til the sun came up,” Rossi tells PAPER. “It’s a weird feeling when you’re with someone that you enjoy, but you deep down know something is off.”

He continues, “I tend to fall into the idea of Mr. Right Now vs. Mr. Right pretty often, but sometimes Mr. Right Now is all you need to get to the next chapter of your life. Just like your favorite song, they’ll always be in your heart, even if they’re not actually there.”

As a celebration of love, both the present and past, Rossi says his goal with this release is to make people smile and forget their stresses in life. “I just wanna dance with you all night, you’re my favorite song tonight,” he sings on the bright, euphoric chorus. “We could keep it going ‘til the sun comes up, blowing disco dust all night.”

The process of creating this track was just as playful as the end result, according to the artist, who wrote the lyrics with producer Brandon Sammons. “We were in the studio dancing around for half the time and then we’d get ideas for little ad libs,” Rossi says, admitting he brought his own disco ball to the session that day to set the tone.

Continuing the collaboration, Rossi’s “Disco Dust” music video was shot by Juan Flores and aims to bring a modern twist to the energy of Studio 54 club culture. “I would do anything to know what it feels like to have gone there,” he says, recreating that spirit in everyday LA locations, from a Studio City Barnes & Noble to Akbar in Silver Lake. “Long live the disco, babe.”

Photography, video and editing: Juan Flores
Styling: Rossi
Hair and makeup: Samantha Lepre
Dancers: Kent Boyd and Tevyn Cole