Rickey Thompson Is the Home Shopping Network Host We Deserve

Rickey Thompson Is the Home Shopping Network Host We Deserve

by Brycen Saunders

Not only is Rickey Thompson absolutely hilarious, but he's also one of the few influencers who wields the kind of comical selling power that gets people to care about shopping. Case in point, his QVC-style segment for Coach TV, the brand's new video presentation for its Fall 2021 collection that includes cameos by Michael B. Jordan, Jennifer Lopez and Megan Thee Stallion.

Thompson, who previously starred in Coach's "We C You" campaign for Pride as well as last season's debut "Coach Forever" lookbook, returns once again alongside other brand ambassadors in a series of brightly hued knits and outerwear. "When you think of fall and winter you think of toned down colors, giving you neutral palette," he tells PAPER. "But no, this collection is giving color and fun."

According to the brand, Coach Forever Season Two is about "creature comforts" and is inspired by our indoor and outdoor worlds that mixes layered and loose silhouettes, plush oversized shearling coats, leather jackets designed with Schott NYC and creatures embroidered on ready-to-wear and accessories.

"I've always wanted to get into high fashion stuff and I just didn't know how to do it," said Thompson. "I was very nervous because coming from online to the fashion world you just never know how people will treat you or if I can be my 100% authentic self. But as soon as I started working with Coach, they just accepted me for who I am."

Photos courtesy of Coach