Rainsford Is the Minimalist 'Weirdo-Pop' Star of Your Dreams

Rainsford Is the Minimalist 'Weirdo-Pop' Star of Your Dreams

Rainsford (real name Rainey Qualley) is an indie "weird-pop" star in the making, with a keen eye for visuals (apparent in both her surrealist videos and unique sense of style), angelic voice and unrelenting work ethic coming together in perfect fusion. The New York-born, North Carolina-raised singer is the daughter of famed actress Andie MacDowell, and with her striking looks Rainsford has snagged her fair share of modeling offers and work. But music is first and foremost her passion, and after putting in years honing her craft as a songwriter and singer in her new home base of L.A., Rainsford is ready to hit the ground running with a slew of new releases.

We caught up with the singer to chat about her collaborations with Twin Shadow, approaching creative decisions and what's up next:

How would you describe your sound?

It's hard to say. In short maybe, minimal R&B weirdo-pop.

When did you realize music was something you wanted to pursue full time?

I've loved singing and playing music since I was a kid. It's what I always dreamed of doing.

What's your writing process like?

Songs happen in different ways. I always work with a producer. But typically we'll start creating a track together. And then l write lyrics and melody on top of that.

You've collaborated with Twin Shadow — how did that come about? How do you choose collaborators?

We were introduced by a mutual friend who thought we would hit it off a little over a year ago. We played each other what we were working on. And then one thing led to another.

How do you maintain a strong sense of self amid competing interests as an artist?

I've always had very specific taste. And I do my best to stand in my power and create what I love.

How do you approach the creative decisions that bring your sound and visuals together?

I've had strong ideas for each of my videos. So I found directors that could help create what I was envisioning.

What's coming up next for you?

I have an EP coming out April 27th. And some shows surrounding the release. As well as lots of new music. I'm also practicing my psychic skill.

Photography: Jessie Andrews
Stylist: Cody Allen
Hair: Toni Chavez
Makeup: Courtney Hart
Studio: 1201 B Studios
Clothing: Adam Selman
Creative Director: Hannah Lifshutz