Pornhub Wants to Save the Planet With Its Sexstainability Campaign

Pornhub Wants to Save the Planet With Its Sexstainability Campaign

Pornhub is doing its part to save the planet.

On Tuesday, the adult streaming platform announced their Sexstainability initiative, an awareness and fundraising campaign that invites viewers to learn about the little things they can do to help the environment, all while having a bit of fun in the process.

The premise is simple. For the next 30 days, the site will host a new "Sexstainable Jerk Off Instruction (JOI)" category, which features their top models "educating and inspiring users to start acting more 'sexstainably.'" Because as Pornhub Brand Ambassador Kira Noir explained, their initiative aims to combine "two things people really enjoy": Sex and sustainability.

Not only that, but in line with the campaign's ethos, all the views from under that channel will go toward funds for 2030 or Bust, an organization dedicated to inspiring actionable and everyday environmental change.

"We are thrilled to partner with Pornhub in getting the word out that not only is the climate crisis endable and that we have the power collectively to make that happen, but also that making that difference can be easy, sexy and fun," as 2030 or Bust Executive Director Laughlin Artz said. "We all want humanity to have a happy ending!"

Watch Pornhub's video about Sexstainability, below, and learn more information about the campaign, here.

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