Pornhub Is Now Selling Sex Toys
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Pornhub Is Now Selling Sex Toys

Pornhub has officially entered the sex toy market.

On Wednesday, the porn streaming giant announced their new line of sex toys — which includes butt plugs, bondage gear and everything in between — via their "Not My Job" campaign.

Not only that, but Pornhub has also debuted a hilarious, Alice Moitié-directed video in honor of the release. Set to the Blood Hound Gang's "The Bad Touch," the campaign video features a heartfelt plea from all the household objects people typically use to get off — whether it be cucumbers, electric toothbrushes or socks — tojust use a damn toy.

"We actually did an incredible amount of research for this project," said David Martin Angelus, the campaign's creative director. "We scanned hundreds of articles and forums online to find the wildest objects that had been used as sex toys. It's amazing what people will have sex with when there isn't a sex toy handy, especially in the current climate of shelter in place."

And as an added bonus, if you can guess one of the 250 household objects you shouldn't be using for sex, you'll also be entered for a chance to win a 30% off discount code for Pornhub Toys — and, hopefully, that’s enough to get you all to apparently stop fucking car tailpipes.

Photo courtesy of Pornhub