Piglet Patches up the Cuts and Scrapes on 'to you tonight'

Piglet Patches up the Cuts and Scrapes on 'to you tonight'

South London-based songwriter and producer Charlie Loane, better known as piglet, is back with a brand new offering. Born and raised in Belfast, the indie bedroom-pop artist has been on the rise, drawing on his experiences with everything from mental health issues and substance abuse to his trials and tribulations with Britain's healthcare system.

Since piglet's inception, the Irish songwriter and producer has bared it all to get to the bottom of discovering his identity, being trans and more, pouring it all into his confessional style of songwriting.

Today, piglet returns with the latest single off his forthcoming seven songs EP, "to you tonight." Full of warm guitars and soaring auto-tuned vocals, "to you tonight" sees piglet pondering the notion of love free from gendered expectations. Earnest and endearing, the single arrives with an equally charming visual directed by trans filmmaker Harv Frost that sees piglet busting out the Heelies and jauntily dancing with friends in the park, patching up the various bumps, bruises, cuts and scrapes he gets along the way.

“My intention was to write a song that reflected and celebrated the love and joy that have been added to my life by my partner and our relationship while doing my best to avoid what I see as the pitfalls that love songs can often fall into," piglet says of the track. “Often love is expressed in songs via feelings of ownership, a persistence towards foreverness, gender stereotypes and unrealistic expectations of unhealthy dedication — which I think we could do without haha! I'm not saying I succeeded — that's up to what you think when you hear it I reckon — but that was the idea.”

Or as piglet succinctly puts it, "It's a fun song about bein' fuckin' gayyyyyy!"

Check out the PAPER premiere of piglet's "to you tonight" of his forthcoming seven songs EP, below.

Photography: Holly Whitaker