BRB Buying: The PHLEMUNS PocketBag

BRB Buying: The PHLEMUNS PocketBag

You can boil down cargo pants to a simple philosophy: there are never too many pockets. Cargo pants are the doomsday preppers of fashion, ready for any and all eventualities. They're the logical conclusion of hyper-utilitarian wear — garments that reveals our long held anxieties about being caught unprepared at inopportune times. Whether that means discovering you left your wallet at home or keeping your trusty Bible by your side at all times, we could all use an extra pocket from time to time. Luckily, Solange-approved designer James Flemons totally gets your irrational fears and is celebrating the need for extra storage with a new, must-have bag.

Presenting the "PocketBag," the latest accessory from Flemons's namesake label, PHLEMUNS. Lifted from a pair of cargo pants, the faux-leather bag still resembles its pocket-inspiration but boasts a more customizable way to style. Flemons has always been one to play around with staples and this bag is no exception, featuring loose leather ties that can be fashioned like a traditional over-the-shoulder strap or wrapped around your waist like a saddle bag — or any other inventive ways you can come up with.

The "PocketBag" also marks a new direction for PHLEMUNS that focuses on creating more affordable pieces aimed at customers curious about the world of high fashion. Alongside small, sporadic drops of their PHLEMUNS Nonbasics line, the new business model is designed to appeal to consumers who are interested in luxury, but may not be able to afford that thousand dollar clutch that walked in Milan the other week. Instead, PHLEMUNS looks to provide an alternative to fast fashion with an eco-friendly approach that takes advantage of limited fabrics, resourced and upcycled particularly for the project.

The PHLEMUNS "PocketBag" is now available to shop via their online store — take a look at some of the many styles currently being offered, below:

Photos courtesy of PHLEMUNS