Phil Good Wants to Know How You Feel

Phil Good Wants to Know How You Feel

by Marissa Matozzo

"How are you? No, really." It's one of the most common questions we ask each other yet still often the hardest to answer — especially this year. For his newest song, "How Do I Feel," out now, Phil Good checks in with himself and everyone listening: "I feel like dying, I feel amazing," he sings. "I feel like crying, I feel like changing."

The Los Angeles pop artist tells PAPER that "How Do I Feel" is an "almost stupidly simple snapshot of where my head was at in May of 2020." He continues, "I wrote it with my friend and collaborator Michelle Buzz, and it spilled out of us in under an hour. I instantly fell in love with how straightforward and spot on it felt."

In the accompanying music video, Good finds himself immersed in cubicles and dancing through a dark, desolate office building, which feels like a foreign environment after months of isolation. He stares blankly into a desktop screen and plays the computer keyboard as if it's an instrument.

"This song is so specific and personal to me, but I think it captures how I imagine many people have felt this year," says Good, who asked his fans to share real voice memos explaining how they felt at the time. These are included in the second half of "How Do I Feel," and spotlight their mixed emotions, from feeling "grateful" to "disconnected."

Despite 2020's chaos, it's still been a notable period for Good, who previously released other singles like "Falling," "Everything's Good" and "Living With No One." He has also been spending his time interviewing artists on a satirical talk show, Wait... Is That What You Mean By That?! with episodes centering on everyone from Ashe to Adam Melchor and Finneas.

Watch the PAPER premiere of "How Do I Feel" and stream Phil Good's new track, below.

Photography: Sherrie Garcia


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