Peaches Is Having Her First Solo Art Exhibit

Peaches Is Having Her First Solo Art Exhibit

Peaches — our favorite fearless, pioneering provocateur — is officially hosting her first-ever solo art installation. And guess what it's called? Yep, Whose Jizz Is This?

Debuting tomorrow at Hamburg, Germany's Kunstverein, the exhibit will remain up until October 20. Marrying visuals and performance art, Whose Jizz Is This? reportedly incorporates animatronics, latex sculptures, music, and videos to facilitate "an amplified way of looking at and understanding Peaches' universe and the critical thought that informs her work."

"At the heart of this presentation are the 'Fleshies,' who have renamed themselves as such to rewrite their narrative," the press release says. "The double masturbator, silicone sex aid, reduces the body to holes in a passive state. Rejecting this, the Fleshies discard words like sex toys and Masturbators to break away from humans and human interactions in a quest to find sexual equality amongst themselves. As they work to become a satisfied, self sufficient community, Fleshies decentralise a destructive and narcissistic human world and start a revolution."

No word yet on when Whose Jizz Is This? will be exhibiting elsewhere, but what we do know is that Peaches will also be bringing a live performance called "There's Only One Peach With the Hole in the Middle" to select European cities over the next month or so. So if you're around, we highly recommend scoping out a few tickets seeing as how Peaches embodies erotic art at its finest.

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