Ariana Grande's Makeup Artist Launches Beauty Line

Ariana Grande's Makeup Artist Launches Beauty Line

From Ariana Grande and Rita Ora to Bella and Gigi Hadid, makeup artist Patrick Ta has been the name behind virtually every celebrity's major beauty moment.

So naturally, when the 28-year-old announced he'd be launching his own makeup line, expectations were high. Inspired by women who were instrumental in shaping his life, Patrick Ta Beauty is reflective of his own aesthetic most prominent across his glamorous Instagram feed.

The introductory collection, called Major Glow, has been two years in the making and includes a limited range of products such as body oil, lip shine, highlighting mist, and a special setting fan all topped with his signature dewy and naturally radiant finish.

As the collection drops today, Ta tells PAPER about the inspiration behind his new line, his favorite products, and the current state of diversity in beauty.

What gave you the push to start this makeup line now?

I've been doing makeup for about eight years now. I've been using all these different brands and I just wanted to create a product that I didn't have to mix with a bunch of things. We've been wanting to launch for a while, but it was just never fully done. I'm admittedly a perfectionist, and I don't believe in half measures so we waited. I had to be sure and really feel like everything was perfect, so it's why we're launching it now.

Why was women empowerment so integral to your brand?

Because I feel like that's honestly every gay boy's upbringing. Women are the ones that make you feel comfortable because you're like one of the girls. You're not judged for wanting to play with makeup, or for talking a certain way. It's been my life story since middle school, and it's still what it is now. Women gave me my career. If it weren't for me being able to do your makeup or their makeup, I wouldn't have a career.

Do you have a favorite product from the line?

I really like the highlighting mist. I love that the pearl particles just fall and melt into the skin, so it looks like it's a seamless glow.

How would you say your makeup line different from most mainstream brands?

I think that instead of coming out with an entire collection launch, I'm coming out with little things that I really am proud of. I'm not gonna come out with products just to sell them; I've actually created things that I want to put in my own kit.

"As of right now, makeup is for everybody. There are no boundaries [...] You don't need to look a certain way or be a certain way to apply a product."

Do you have a certain beauty routine?

I've been with La Mer since about 2016, so skincare is very important to me. I have always loved their cleansers and moisturizers. Because of all that, I really wanted to see skin when creating my own line and all the products I made are very translucent. So you still see your skin, but it's all about the pore particles.

You work with a lot of celebrities, could you talk about maybe their favorite lipsticks or other products?

Well, in terms of lipsticks they use a lot of different brands so it's really about their favorite colors. I know that Gigi [Hadid] loves nudes, and Ariana [Grande] absolutely loves both pinks and nudes.

Do you have any last minute makeup tricks for covering up dark circles or a breakout?

Yeah, I really love La Mer's concealer! It's super small and easy for spot treatment. I always say, "Don't cover the rest of your face, just go in with spot treatment in the areas that you need."

What are your thoughts on the current state of inclusivity in beauty? Do you think there's been actual change?

There definitely is actual change because all these brands are making products that are more inclusive. I just feel like, as of right now, makeup is for everybody. There are no boundaries, and I feel like people know that by now. You don't need to look a certain way or be a certain way to apply a product.

Major Glow by Patrick Ta Beauty drops today and is available for purchase on All products are priced between $22 and $52.

Photos courtesy of Patrick Ta Beauty