Pat McGrath and The MET Drop Another Collab

Pat McGrath and The MET Drop Another Collab

by Ethan Dspain

Legendary makeup artist and business mogul Pat McGrath has perfected deep jewel toned shades for both lips and eyes — and now, actual jewels are involved in her latest release. Today, McGrath launched her second exclusive collaboration with The Metropolitan Museum of Art store. The widely successful debut partnership was created in celebration of the Costume Institute's exhibition, Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination.

The new Adorned collection will draw inspiration from The MET's upcoming exhibition Jewelry: The Body Transformed, which is set to open on November 12. The exhibition will feature around 230 items, from necklaces to rings to headdresses. "Like jewelry, makeup can be a very provocative form of self- expression," said McGrath in a press release — fitting, considering she's often inspired by precious jewels when applying makeup.

McGrath was omnipresent this season during fashion month, working on shows like Valentino where she applied Swarovski crystals to models' eyes. "I love to weave themes of precious jewels throughout my work," she said." Even applying gems as if they were makeup, using adornments to transform the face."

The MET collection features a special edition of the coveted Mothership V: Bronze Seduction Eyeshadow Palette, along with LUST: Gloss in Blitz Gold and Aliengelic. In addition to makeup, the partnership will feature two T-shirts available for purchase at the Met Fifth Avenue. McGrath's packaging even highlights objects from the exhibition, incorporating eight different jewels, such as a 19th-century amethyst comb.

The Adorned collection is available now on The MET Store or through Pat McGrath.

Photos courtesy of Pat McGrath Labs x The MET