PAPER Fashion: Eyelid Licker

PAPER Fashion: Eyelid Licker

Photography by Diego Cruz / Styling by Felipe Mendez

Images presented online feed a growing desire to transform our bodies and become characters. Aroused by both exhibitionism and voyeurism, our narcissistic society has turned itself into one big performance (and several individualized ones). You have to show your personality with strategy and technical prowess, resorting to methods similar to those of a brand that must stand out in the market. Photographer Diego Cruz and stylist Felipe Mendez explore this idea in Eyelid Licker for PAPERFashion, below.

Clothing: Sportmax

Corset: Maison Margiela, Earring: Biis

Clothing and accessories: Sportmax

(Left) Clothing and accessories: Sportmax (Right) Jumpsuit and shoes: Acne Studios, Necklace and skirt: Laura Andraschko

Blazer, corset, belt and dress: Maison Margiela, Shoes: Sportmax

Top: Ludovic De Saint Sernin, Skirt: Valerievi

Creative direction: Diego Cruz and Felipe Mendez
Photography and art direction: Diego Cruz
Styling: Felipe Mendez
Makeup: Luz Giraldo
Hair: Frances Cardona

Styling assistants: Carmen Rodriguez and Andrea Brown
Model: Muriel Seiquer


Coolest Person in the Room: Hannah Traore

Story by Andrew Nguyen / Photography by Diego Villagra Motta / Styling by Angelina Cantú