PAPER Fashion: From the Sheets to the Streets

PAPER Fashion: From the Sheets to the Streets

Photography by Lou Escobar / Styling by Celia Arias / Hair and makeup by Mary Jane Gotidoc

Paris-based photographer and filmmaker, Lou Escobar, aims her signature cinematic lens at daring looks from big brands ( Givenchy , Louis Vuitton , Balenciaga ) and independent designers (Natasha Marro Studio, Florentina Leitner, Celia Caldéron Asensio) alike for PAPER's latest fashion series.

Dress: Monika Breeze, Earrings: Vicki Sarge

(On Adeline) Bodysuit and hat: Florentina Leitner, Corset: Dilara Findikoglu, Sleeves: Miscreants, Shoes: Givency; (On Youssou) Jacket and jeans: Givenchy, Bodysuit: Celia Caldéron Asensio, Balaclava: Bailey Prado, Necklace: HATTON LABS, Shoes: ROKER

(On Chenchen) Tracksuit: Louis Vuitton, Shoes: UNDERGROUND England; (On Fynn) Shirt: Givenchy, Pants: Louis Vuitton, Shoes and sunglasses: Balenciaga

Dress: Amber Healey, Shoes: ROKER

Dress: 16Arlington, Shoes: Sophia Webster

Bodysuit: Celia Caldéron Asensio, Jacket: Alexander McQueen

(On Adeline) Corset: Stylist's own, Blazer: Vintage, Tights: Celia Caldéron Asensio; (On Fynn) Shirt: NODRESS, Necklace: Vicki Sarge

Blazers: Model's own, Shirt: Givenchy, Sunglasses: Balenciaga

Corset and pants: Igor Dieryck, Glover: Miscreants, Necklace: Prangs Costumiers, Shoes: ROKER


(On Brandon) Boots: Maison Margiela; (On Chenchen) Dress: Simone Rocha, Bodysuit: Celia Caldéron Asensio, Tights: Chopova Lowena, Boots: NODRESS

Photography: Lou Escobar
Photography assistants: Michael Hani and Samuel Hilaire
Hair and makeup: Mary Jane Gotidoc (at One Represents using MAKE UP FOR EVER and ORIBE)
Styling: Celia Arias (at The Only Agency)
Styling assistant: Sophia Lund
Production & Casting: DMB Represents
Models: Destiny Adeyemi (Chapter Management), Adeline (Xdirectn), Chenchen (Xdirectn), Fynn (Xdirectn), Brandon Khaw (Xdirectn), Fern Gray (Xdirectn), Youssou (Xdirectn)