PAPER Fashion: From the Sheets to the Streets

PAPER Fashion: From the Sheets to the Streets

Photography by Lou Escobar / Styling by Celia Arias / Hair and makeup by Mary Jane Gotidoc

Paris-based photographer and filmmaker, Lou Escobar, aims her signature cinematic lens at daring looks from big brands (Givenchy, Louis Vuitton, Balenciaga) and independent designers (Natasha Marro Studio, Florentina Leitner, Celia Caldéron Asensio) alike for PAPER's latest fashion series.

Dress: Monika Breeze, Earrings: Vicki Sarge

(On Adeline) Bodysuit and hat: Florentina Leitner, Corset: Dilara Findikoglu, Sleeves: Miscreants, Shoes: Givency; (On Youssou) Jacket and jeans: Givenchy, Bodysuit: Celia Caldéron Asensio, Balaclava: Bailey Prado, Necklace: HATTON LABS, Shoes: ROKER

(On Chenchen) Tracksuit: Louis Vuitton, Shoes: UNDERGROUND England; (On Fynn) Shirt: Givenchy, Pants: Louis Vuitton, Shoes and sunglasses: Balenciaga

Dress: Amber Healey, Shoes: ROKER

Dress: 16Arlington, Shoes: Sophia Webster

Bodysuit: Celia Caldéron Asensio, Jacket: Alexander McQueen

(On Adeline) Corset: Stylist's own, Blazer: Vintage, Tights: Celia Caldéron Asensio; (On Fynn) Shirt: NODRESS, Necklace: Vicki Sarge

Blazers: Model's own, Shirt: Givenchy, Sunglasses: Balenciaga

Corset and pants: Igor Dieryck, Glover: Miscreants, Necklace: Prangs Costumiers, Shoes: ROKER


(On Brandon) Boots: Maison Margiela; (On Chenchen) Dress: Simone Rocha, Bodysuit: Celia Caldéron Asensio, Tights: Chopova Lowena, Boots: NODRESS

Photography: Lou Escobar
Photography assistants: Michael Hani and Samuel Hilaire
Hair and makeup: Mary Jane Gotidoc (at One Represents using MAKE UP FOR EVER and ORIBE)
Styling: Celia Arias (at The Only Agency)
Styling assistant: Sophia Lund
Production & Casting: DMB Represents
Models: Destiny Adeyemi (Chapter Management), Adeline (Xdirectn), Chenchen (Xdirectn), Fynn (Xdirectn), Brandon Khaw (Xdirectn), Fern Gray (Xdirectn), Youssou (Xdirectn)