'Love, Pamela' Brings Pamela Anderson's Story 'Full Circle'

'Love, Pamela' Brings Pamela Anderson's Story 'Full Circle'

Pamela Anderson has cemented herself in American iconography as one of history's most recognizable sex symbols. The ex-Playboy Playmate has since welcomed audiences into her world in an attempt to craft a more nuanced, raw portrait of herself that was left out of the conversation for so long. Her forthcoming memoir, Love, Pamela, chronicles over three decades of her career and the "messy" life she led behind the scenes.

As an actress, model, activist and mother, Anderson's new memoir gives her the space to reflect on the life she lived outside of tabloid fodder. After a chance encounter at a football game launched her from a small-town girl into the modeling stratosphere, she finally allows herself to retreat back into the memories that brought her both joy and pain during her tumultuous childhood.

Love, Pamela is Anderson in her rawest form, described in press materials as a story of "a small-town girl getting
tangled up in her own dream." The memoir features vibrant prose interspersed with original poetry written by the icon herself. Like the injured animals she would nurse back to health as a child, Anderson gives herself the platform to heal as she returns to her roots.

Anderson shared an exclusive statement and photos for PAPER, which you can check out below.

"I repainted scenes in detail if it were my childhood or at the Playboy Mansion.

My life has been mostly a pleasure — I’m grateful.

The good times even sweeter, when one has endured the bad — life always shines brightest and the smallest accomplishments feel like glory.

But — the reason I wrote this book was at the encouragement of my boys.

This is my story.

And the way I managed it all — from the imaginative small town girl — to pinup, to motherhood — and back home again – full circle.

It feels like some kind of miracle — to be retracing the painful steps of my youth in a woman's body.

Part of me is stuck here.

It's a strange kind of destiny.

My life — as a mother, as an activist, and as an actress (from Baywatch to Broadway)."

You can pre-order Love, Pamela,here.

Photography: Carmelo Redondo