Pamela Anderson Does Her Hair With a G-String

Pamela Anderson Does Her Hair With a G-String

Pamela Anderson is known for many things: body, face, and, of course, her trademark “bump” up-do. Anderson revealed what’s behind her trademark bouffant in a British Vogue “What’s In My Bag” video — and it’s more revealing than you’d expect.

Pamela Anderson does her hair with a G-string. Dumping out a bag full of Altoids, signature scents, sunglasses and scenes from plays, Anderson demonstrates in the video how she ties her hair in moments of scrunchy-less desperation.

“This is the trick of the trade,” Anderson says coyly. “We’re really flashing back to the ‘90s. The tousled updo always had a pair of panties in them.”

The tousled updo in question became Anderson’s trademark look at the height of the Baywatch craze— from interviews to red carpets to paparazzi pics. With the ‘90s revival back in full swing, grab your G-string and give her beauty hack a try.

Beauty has, however, also made improvements since the huge-hair-heyday. Anderson noted the improvements, pulling out an Illia highlighter and remarking, “We didn’t have this in the ‘90s.”

Sunscreen was also scarce in all her time spent on the Baywatch beach, a fact that racked up 137 freckles on just her nose: “Should’ve worn this,” Anderson says tossing the sunscreen aside.

On a sentimental note, Anderson spends some time in the video reminiscing on her relationship with Alexis Vogel, who helped conceive of her iconic makeup look that has since become a TikTok trend, and who lost a battle with breast cancer.

“She would be so proud that everybody was really taking it on and having fun with makeup,” said Anderson, showing off Vogel’s little pot of glitter.

Closing the video, Anderson pops a loose kumquat in her mouth, wincing at the sour taste and the endless possibilities for innuendo. She left the double entendre up to the imagination.

Photo courtesy of BFA/ Virisa Yang


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