Paive Brings Us Back to Bloghaus with 'Dance Song'

Paive Brings Us Back to Bloghaus with 'Dance Song'

Paive is putting a fresh spin on bloghaus.

Back in the aughts, bloghaus laid the blueprint for how we currently consume and experience online cultural movements, with the true lynchpin of the scene being the music. And now, Paive is bringing us back to this special moment in time with her new music video for "Dance Song," and, regardless of whether you experienced the first wave or not, we guarantee it'll definitely have you dancing too.

The perfect anthem for your weekend party spiral, "Dance Song" is just as chaotic, DIY and extremely fun as anything else you would've found on HypeMachine with a video to match. Co-written and produced by Paive, So Drove and Vchip Superstar, it's a frenzied track that's meant to get you going for a night out with heart-racing BPMs, a sprinkle of contemporary hyperpop and plenty of sonic references to iconic bloghaus anthems put out by the likes of Crystal Castles and Justice. Just think wonky synth lines, raw energy and lots of distorted vocals.

Similarly, the Rand Sevilla-edited video also feels like something brand new yet nostalgic for the past, as it was shot on an iPhone to give it that signature grainy and glitch-filled bloghaus glare. And as if that wasn't gritty enough, the video for "Dance Song" is all fog machines, party strobe flashes and blown out camera shots, which almost tricks you into thinking you too are having a crazy and frenetic night out on the town, cruising through Williamsburg in the back of an open U-Haul van. It's a true throwback, if you ask us.

Needless to say, "Dance Song" is a complete dream and the perfect track to kick off your weekend with, so grab your backcomb, bring out the digital camera and put on your neon hot pants and get ready to rage watching Paive's "Dance Song" video below.

Photo by Nina Rocio