'My Style' Is a Nostalgic Club Anthem for Fashion Freaks

'My Style' Is a Nostalgic Club Anthem for Fashion Freaks

by Logan Potter

The '90s and early 2000s have proven to be timeless, and elements from the influential decades appear throughout So Drove's visual for his designer hungry single, "My Style," featuring art-pop performer Mary.

The music video, premiering today on PAPER, is a blended throwback to computer lab days on WordArt, static television screens and after-school MTV binges on the basement couch. Directed by Zack Vidal and produced by Vingo Vongo Videos, it incorporates modified video hardware and Cinema 4 software to achieve authentic nostalgia.

So Drove, Ash Nerve and Neotenomie make up a writer/producer trio, called The Oracle, which produced "My Style." On it, the team referenced East Coast club music to create a perfectly post-genre blend of the past and hyperpop present. In many ways, it sounds like you've heard it before — but don't all great pop songs?

"My style is so cool/ My style is unique/ You want to copy me, but you can never be so chic," Mary repeats, following a long lineage of arrogant, fashion-inspired songs. "Westwood, Yamamoto, Gaultier," she lists. By the time the song and visual concludes, you'll definitely want to try out So Drove's style secrets. (Luckily, he provided a "Get This Look" for PAPER.)

Photo courtesy of So Drove

"My Style" appeared on So Drove's recent 1 Million Doll Hairs mixtape, but he's ready to announce what's next: a remixed version of the mixtape, titled 2 Million Doll Hairs. Check out an exclusive look at the, tracklist, below, which will debut on October 2. (Bonus: there is a new version of "My Style" yet to be heard.)

1. Depression (Paive Remix)

2. Lemon Lime (C Powers Remix)

3. If U Slept On Me It's Too Late (DJ PAYPAL Remix)

4. Attention ft. Paive. (JHawk Productions Remix)

5. Everything Sucks (Prod. Alice Gas) (tttlllrrr remix feat. Supanegadethlazor)

6. Love To Hate Me ft. Kid Trash (Parv0 Remix)

7. My Style ft. Mary (Prod. Oracle) (dEaThSaUcE REMIX)

8. Come and Get It Ft. Nezzy (Esper99 Remix)

9. Guitar Remix Ft. Ash Nerve and Paive (So Drove Rock N Roll VIP Mix)

10. Angel Baby (Ash Nerve Remix)

11. Beautiful Devil Ft. Devi McCallion and Ash Nerve (Ra-Eazy Remix)

12. See Thru ft. Yaira Wang, Sally Spitz and Lil Xelly (Maral Remix)

Stream So Drove's 1 Million Doll Hairs, below.

Photo via YouTube