Even Olivia Rodrigo Was Fooled by Her TikTok Lookalike

Even Olivia Rodrigo Was Fooled by Her TikTok Lookalike

An Olivia Rodrigo lookalike has sent TikTok into a full-on spiral.

On Wednesday, the Grammy-winning hitmaker took her SOUR tour to Los Angeles, performing to a sold-out crowd at the iconic Greek Theatre. And while most were probably busy singing along or taking videos of the show, a few fans wandering around the venue were seemingly caught off guard after spotting someone they thought was the actual Olivia.

During the concert, user @buejnfp17 decided to upload a video of her sister, Aurea Ocampo, as they walked around the grounds. Captioned "my sister after one person says she looks like Olivia Rodrigo,” the TikTok begins with Aurea posing with a young fan, followed by several snippets of other attendees doing double takes as she strolls by.

Granted, Aurea played the part extremely well in a very Olivia outfit that paired a purple, lace-trimmed mini-dress with knee-high socks, combat boots and braided pigtails. So in between her look, the way she jokingly shielded her face and a pair of black sunglasses that screamed "I'm a celebrity," it's no surprise everyone was confused.

Unsurprisingly, the TikTok quickly went viral with numerous commenters writing things like "I didn’t read and really thought it was her LMAOOO,” while talking about how Aurea's poses and walk were "so accurate."

"bye cause even after reading that i thought she was olivia," as one person wrote, before a second fan chimed in to say their "brain can’t comprehend this rn."

Meanwhile, some of the Ocampos' fellow concertgoers also found their way to the video, as evidenced by someone writing, "I THOUGHT SHE WAS OLIVIA WHEN SHE CAME OUT OF THE BATHROOM AND I WAS GOING IN."

However, things reached a fever pitch once Olivia herself left a comment of her own.

“No I thought she was me too,” she wrote. And Aurea's response? Obviously, a POV reaction vid of her freaking out "in Barnes & Noble when Olivia notices you."

Watch the TikTok that started it all below.

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Photos via Getty / Leon Bennett