Olivia Rodrigo Fans Defend Her Against 'Anorexic' Comments

Olivia Rodrigo Fans Defend Her Against 'Anorexic' Comments

Fans of Olivia Rodrigo are pushing back against commenters calling her "anorexic."

This past weekend, the "Drivers License" star shared a series of photos to Instagram in which she can be seen modeling a tartan mini dress and cut-out platform boots. And though many fans took to the comments to compliment the '90s-inspired look, a number of weight-related digs also ended up surfacing beneath the post, including many remarks about her being "too skinny" and even some calling her "anorexic."

From unsolicited advice about "eating something" to "concerned" responses about her "looking sick" and needing "help," the negativity naturally ended up turning into a larger conversation about "how dangerous it is to comment on someone's body size."

"yall are sick for body shaming olivia rodrigo," as one person wrote. "when someones fat u tell them to lose weight and stop eating but when u see someone skinny like olivia u call them anorexic and tell them to put some meat on their bones? disgusting." Not only that, but the commenter then went on to point out that Rodrigo is "so young and doesn't deserve this" kind of scrutiny, which was a sentiment later echoed by several more fans.

"people commenting on olivia rodrigo's weight doesn't sit right with me," another defender said. "she's literally a teenager?? at that age you're literally still growing lol calling her anorexic is fucking disturbing and probably a horrible thing for her to read."

Meanwhile, others took direct aim at the people feeding into the eating disorder speculation, with one Twitter user noting that none of "the people calling Olivia Rodrigo anorexic are...medical professionals."

Rodrigo has yet to respond to the comments, but in the meantime you can see what her defenders are saying, below.

Photo via Getty / Frazer Harrison