North West Is Officially an Art Goth

North West Is Officially an Art Goth

by Kenna McCafferty

North West’s creativity can’t be tamed, and her most recent endeavor has her mastering the unruly medium of hair art. Over the weekend, Kim Kardashian shared a series of stories of a day spent with her daughter North. The mother-daughter montage began with North playing dress-up in a pair of “YR 3022 YEEZY SHDZ” that took up the entirety of North’s face (she pulled them off regardless) and ended with her showing off her latest artistic expression.

The work depicted two alien-like faces on pieces of fabric, with a twist. North added the 3D element of hair to her creations, affixing braids to her aliens’ faces. This may be the latest expression of North’s “emo phase” which has been nothing short of iconic, despite her small stature.

The nine-year-old’s emo phase apparently started during COVID-19 where, like many, she channeled her existentialism through art.

Kim debuted North’s work in a Vogue video in February, featuring a portrait of a wolf (the animal, not Kylie Jenner’s re-named son), the family’s pet bearded dragon and a self-portrait of North’s floating head. Cute!

North’s latest creation follows a similarly spooky thread, adding sew-ins to North’s expanding oeuvre. In the photos Kim shared, North’s alien faces sprout braids — one from its mouth the other from its head. Though it's unclear whether the braids affixed to these aliens are human or synthetic hair, they definitely add a new dimension to North’s growing body of work. We wonder if we’ll see any baby teeth make their way into the materials list, but that might be more the tooth fairy’s territory.

The precocious pop-culture icon is primed to be the next creative director of YEEZY or SKIMS, or whatever alien-hair-based brand she goes on to found. If North’s Paris Fashion Week debut taught us anything, it’s really only a matter of time.

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