Golfing With Macklemore: Inside Nordstrom's Sports Concept Feat. Bogey Boys

Golfing With Macklemore: Inside Nordstrom's Sports Concept Feat. Bogey Boys

As someone who's never even touched a golf club before (nope, not even at Putt-Putt), the thought of attempting a decent swing (let alone a hit) in front of seasoned golfers was daunting, to say the least.

But the experience ended up being rather enlightening, to my relief. At the Sahalee Country Club, a gorgeous forest enclave in a suburb east of Seattle, I got to pop my golf cherry in the best way possible, surrounded by gorgeous pine trees and immaculate landscaping. (Apparently, PGA championships have been held on this course.)

As someone who covers fashion, the best part was undoubtedly the gear we got to rock from Bogey Boys, the golf and lifestyle brand founded by rapper-turned-avid golfer Macklemore. With its '70s and '80s-inspired designs, retro graphics and colorful details, the brand has quickly taken off after launching in February of 2021.

A big part of its success has been its partnership with Nordstrom, which has been carrying its products for the past few months now. It also features prominently in the Seattle-based retailer's latest concept shop, Sports (running until the end of July), which features not only golf-driven brands but those that fall under tennis, running, training and cycling.

Fittingly, for a newbie like me, Macklemore's nascent line was started with the intentions of helping grow the sport of golf by inspiring more people to play (while stylishly standing out on the golf course, naturally). He only picked up the sport seriously about two years ago after being pressured by his brother and best friend to rent out some clubs at a course they were at in Hawaii.

"It's interesting to get completely enthralled with the game in my thirties," he admits. "I never forecasted that I would play golf, much less fall in love with golf, much less start a golf brand! It's one of those games that is so addictive and meditative — it brings me a state of peace but also makes me extremely angry and frustrated and everything in between."

Nordstrom's New Concepts: Sports! Campaign featuring Bogey Boys

Even before the idea of a clothing brand came about, he's always been drawn to vintage fashion, starting from his high school days when he would check out vintage stores. That retro aesthetic makes up the foundation of Bogey Boys, which includes pieces like leopard-print jackets, sky blue vests, graphic striped polos, checkered duffel bags and green diamond sweaters.

"I've actually always been inspired by golf fashion, particularly the '70s and '80s styles, like the high-waisted pants and pointed collared shirts, tartans and plaids... guys really had a lot of pizzaz and flair on the golf course," he says. "That era always really spoke to me in terms of the creativity."

Though it's just over a year old, Macklemore has been pleasantly surprised by Bogey Boys's success, which he attributes in part to the crossing over between fashion, golf, streetwear and music — all of which people are responding to. "I feel blessed that we have a lane and a space for this, and that I'm able to make clothing I've always wanted to design."

Photos courtesy of Nordstrom