Nicki Minaj Is 'Happier Sober'

Nicki Minaj Is 'Happier Sober'

by Kenna McCafferty

The great Nicki Minaj once asked the age-old question: Can I get that trón? Can I get that Remy? Could I get that Coke? Could I get that Henny? But yesterday, she announced that the answer is “no <3.”

Long gone are the days of Nicki Minaj’s Myx Moscato; the "Pills N Potions" singer tweeted Thursday that she’s sober and loving life in response to a fan comment.

The fan responded to an unhinged housewife video of the singer frying chicken, asking, “baby are you high? @NICKIMINAJ” to which Minaj responded, “No I’m sober & loving life. You?”

If anything, she may have been high on actual baking soda, the secret ingredient she adds to make her chicken extra crisp (you’re welcome), as she shared that “all sagittariuses [sic] was probably frying chicken today” — speaking up for any sagittarius who might’ve missed their horoscope that day. She then got distracted by her seasoning, leading some fans to believe this impromptu tutorial was munchie-induced.

Following up on her response, she tweeted, “I used to b happy when I was high. Now I’m happy when I’m sober. No judgment to anyone. Be gentle with yourself.”

Minaj did hint at her sobriety previously in surprise single “We Go Up” featuring Fivio Foreign, with lyrics “I know they sleeping on me/ Bitches got epilepsy/ I don’t do coke, little bitch/ I don’t even do Pepsi.” Though she could be cutting out soda too, it seems the Harajuku Barbie has decided to quit synthetics in favor of natural highs.

This makes Minaj the latest to join the on-the-wagon bandwagon, alongside Bella Hadid who announced her "sober curiosity" earlier this year along with the launch of her wellness beverage company Kin Euphorics. Sober is the new high, and Nicki Minaj just consigned the movement.