Nick Cannon Should Leave Christina Milian Alone

Nick Cannon Should Leave Christina Milian Alone

Run, Christina Milian! You're in danger.

In an interview with The Shade Room, Nick Cannon revealed that if he could go back, he'd have kids with ex-girlfriend and former co-star Christina Milian. Of course, this would be in addition to the 12 children he already has. The unprompted revelation comes amid news Milian is expecting her third child.

The fertility terrorist told The Shade Room of Milian's first pregnancy, in 2009: "I remember when I found out she was pregnant [...] I was like dang, man!" The "dang" here stands for "I wish I could have gotten her pregnant," which is a genuinely wild thing to say about a former girlfriend in public. When the interviewer said "it could still happen," Cannon exclaimed, "She married now! Or I don't know what the situation is."

That sounds like the start to a horror movie.

In addition with the two kids he has with Mariah Carey, Cannon also has kids with five other women: Abby De La Rosa, Alyssa Scott, Brittany Bell, Bre Tiesi, and Lanisha Cole. Their names? Monroe, Moroccan, Rise, Powerful, Golden, Beautiful, Zion, Zillion, Halo, Legendary, Onyx and Zen, who died at five months old in 2021. In February, he toldET that he would let "God decide" if and when he'd have more than the 12 kids he has currently. "God decides when we're done but I believe I definitely got my hands full. And I'm so focused. I'm locked in. But when I'm 85, you never know. I might."

He added:

"It's a blessing, man, like, hopefully because of what I am able to do, my kids can do whatever they want to do, to be able to be in a position that if they want to be a nuclear physicist, I know somebody at an Ivy League school that I could [hit up]. If they want to go into the military, if they want to be artists, if they want to be actors, it's a thing where we have the capability. Let's start talking about it now so we can help your dreams come true."

One question: do his Wild 'n Out checks really stretch that far?

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