The New Faces of India

The New Faces of India

Photography by Ashish Shah / Styling by Kshitij Kankaria & Ruhani Singh

Traditionally in India, the face of fashion has been light-skinned and European featured. Despite the country being home to an incredible range of faces and skin tones, dark-skinned models rarely have found success.

That's been changing the past few years with dark-skinned models appearing in magazines like Suzanne Nayana in Bazaar India and Samruddhi Shirodkar for Vogue India. They've also walked international runways, from Tuhir Brahmbhatt for Kenzo to Pratik Shetty at Raf Simons.

Below, these models are joined by our favorite new faces to show that all skin tones are beautiful.

Tuhir Brahmbhatt (20), Ahmedabad

Shirt: Itoh, Jeans: Gucci

Photographer: Ashish Shah
Assistant Photographer: Shubham Lodha
Creative Director: Kshitij Kankaria
Stylist: Kshitij Kankaria & Ruhani Singh
Assistant Stylists: Nayanika Kapoor & Rebecca Anderson
Hair Stylist: Guia Bianchi (Anima Creatives)
Makeup Artist: Gianluca Casu (Faze Management)
Production: Inega Prodn (India)
Talent: Tuhir Brahmbhatt, Rahul Munda, Neil Varel, Pratik Shetty, Samruddhi Shirodkar, Suzanne Nayana Baker, Rashmi Zurail Mann, Sanmathi C. Wagle, Bajirao Birajdar