The Try Guys Sever Ties With Ned Fulmer Following Cheating Allegations

The Try Guys Sever Ties With Ned Fulmer Following Cheating Allegations

Out of the way, Adam Levine! There are new cheating allegations on the block, and this time it's even messier. Beloved YouTube/Buzzfeed institution The Try Guys parted ways with founding member Ned Fulmer following allegations of an affair with the show's assistant producer Alexandria Herring.

The story exploded overnight, and it all started with a blurry photo taken at a nightclub in New York. The since-deleted Reddit posts compiled "evidence" of the alleged affair, including a series of Instagram screenshots sent to Herring's fiancé.

Internet detectives got to work, uncovering a story that goes far deeper. Both Fulmer and Herring were unfollowed by their coworkers. Keen-eyed fans also realized that Fulmer was not included in the group's recent videos, fueling speculation that he was edited out.

The allegations came as a shock to the community, especially since Fulmer's on-screen persona was based on being a doting and adoring husband to his wife, Ariel Fulmer.

Word spread fast throughout the internet, memes ensued (per usual) and people anxiously awaited for The Try Guys to address the situation.

Soon after, The Try Guys took to social media to announce that they've severed ties with Fulmer and have removed his name from their bios. The post says that the decision was made following an "internal review," thanking fans for their support as they "navigate this change."

While the Try Guys' initial post leaves details vague, Fulmer took to his own accounts to confirm the infidelity rumors. "Family should have always been my priority," he said. "But I lost focus and had a consensual workplace relationship." He goes on to apologize to the rest of the Try Guys and his wife, vowing to focus his attention on his marriage and children.

Fulmer's wife, Ariel, also chimed in to thank people for their support. She requested that people respect her family's privacy as they work through the situation.

Herring has not responded to the accusations at the time of writing.

Photography courtesy of Samantha Nandez/BFA