Natasha Bedingfield Joins 'Unwritten' TikTok Craze

Natasha Bedingfield Joins 'Unwritten' TikTok Craze

There's a new viral dance trend taking over TikTok: the "Unwritten" dance challenge.

Recently, a lot of creators have been dancing to a remix of Natasha Bedingfield's 2004 hit song. It's been 17 years since the bop dropped, and this may seem super random, but a lot of people are hopping on this craze. Even the singer herself has joined in and posted a TikTok showing off her moves.

There are a few popular versions of the dance, including the one by @rony_boyy and another by @gleefuljhits. Natasha reposted both but does a dance duet with the latter's rendition, twerking to the "Unwritten" remix. She tagged the choreographer in her caption, saying "Love love loving this dance you did."

The video's been all over social media, and already gotten millions of views and over 700,000 likes.

Watch the full video below.


#duet with @gleefuljhits here goes ! 🙀😹 love love loving this dance you did 💛 ❤️ 💜 #fypシ #likeyhop #unwritten @escoupp #likeyop

Photo via BFA