Namilia Collabs With New Rock on Ass-Kicking Platforms

Namilia Collabs With New Rock on Ass-Kicking Platforms

by Avery Matera

If you're looking for the ultimate '90s-inspired ass-kicking shoe collection, look no further than Namilia's collaboration with New Rock. Teased on the brand's Instagram, this limited edition set of seven shoes put any platforms to shame, with styles that near 3" and boot shafts that reach more than a foot above that.

The Namilia collection as a whole at New York Fashion Week was filled with latex, leather, and the like — as is their traditional vibe. Socialite Paris Hilton, actor Teyana Taylor, and more walked down a runway that was filled with dominatrix-inspired looks.

Hilton wore a pair of red latex snap-off pants that boasted side cut-outs so large we were sure a wardrobe malfunction was about to occur. And, on top, she was given a matching pair of angel — or were they devil — wings that grazed the floor. Taylor, dressed in a complementary head-to-toe black, wore a similar look (complete with her own set of wings).

Each girl stomped down the runway wearing a pair of chunky, hardware-clad boots that ranged from ankle-cut to knee-high. And it's those shoes that are currently for sale — if you dare. Ranging from $205 to $381, these black boots are statement-making, to be sure. Check them all out, below, and on the brand's website, just in time for fall.

Photography: Kohl Murdock