The 'Naked Philanthropist' Is Now Fundraising For Puerto Rico

The 'Naked Philanthropist' Is Now Fundraising For Puerto Rico

Earlier this month, Instagram influencer and model Kaylen Ward — aka "The Naked Philanthropist" — went viral after reportedly raising over $1 million for wildfire relief efforts in Australia. And now, she's doing it again for Puerto Rico.

As you likely heard, Puerto Rico has been in a state of emergency following a recent series of devastating earthquakes that have displaced thousands of people and left many more without power and water.

So in response, Ward took to her Twitter to announce a second fundraiser for the island.

Similarly to her highly publicized Australia campaign, anyone who can post proof that they donated $10 or more to a Puerto Rican earthquake aid organization will be sent a nude. Not only that, but Ward said that she will also be donating 30 percent of her OnlyFans profits to a few Puerto Rican charities, per Business Insider.

See her posts about the fundraiser, below.

Photo via Twitter / @LilEarthAngelK