Partying Hard at Pacha and Destino Opening Weekend

Partying Hard at Pacha and Destino Opening Weekend

Photography by Matt Weinberger
May 14, 2024

Pacha and Destino Ibiza opened their doors for the first time this season, marking the beginning of the summer rave frenzy that will transform the small Balearic Island into a party centre for people from around the globe to flock to.

Pacha Ibiza first opened its doors in 1973 (50 years ago!) and was the original superclub in Ibiza that launched the island onto the global party scene. Many consider the club to be the best house music nightclub in the world; it's renowned for having the best VIP experience. Pacha’s origin largely lies in hippie culture and aesthetics but has since evolved into a more contemporary global feel, having largely moved on from the 1970s counter-cultural energy of its heyday while still preserving some of the original bohemian charm of its roots.

Destino Ibiza is a sister club to Pacha Ibiza, having been built by The Pacha Group. Opened in 2012, this club has a more open-air feel, with its dance floor situated outdoors, its parties surrounding a large pool. It’s essentially a resort by day, club by night, and offers the ultimate pre-game spot for those who wish to party all day before heading to Pacha, where the party starts at midnight and rages on until 7 AM.

Pacha Ibiza opened its doors on Friday, April 26, with Marco Carola headlining the night. The club was absolutely packed, with the dance floor filled shoulder to shoulder. People were bouncing up against one another, all facing towards the DJ booth as if part of a ritual ceremony in devotion to the DJ. At Pacha Ibiza, the music is the Bible, the dance is the prayer. For those less inclined to be right in the middle of all the action, there are a myriad of other spaces within the club to explore. The club has a number of side rooms, nooks and crannies, and areas of respite away from the dance floor where people gather to take a moment away from the sweat-filled, body-to-body dance floor to chat, smoke and have a breather. Pacha Ibiza's VIP section, encircling the dance floor, attracts the most exclusive clientele of discerning partygoers. At Pacha there is something for nearly everyone, with house music being the common interest of all that venture to the club.

The following night, Grammy-winning DJ Roger Sanchez took the stage. The ritual returned with the club once again packed. Sanchez was the ceremony leader and the attendees were the congregants in the ceremony of superclub party action. Sweat. Fist-pumping action. Flashing lights. Bottles galore. Louis Vuitton. Track pants. Guys wearing Royal Oaks dropping racks. Mixed drinks. A handful of twinks. Lots of Brits. People losing their wits. Things got pretty heated as the night raged on. Lots of drinking. A whole lot of people came to the party and without a doubt got what they came for. All were welcome; just buy a ticket and you're in. The door policy is simple: be 18 years or older and don’t show up too intoxicated. Also no swimwear allowed in VIP. People of all ages came to the party ‚ the crowd definitely skewed towards people in their mid-20s in GA with an older crowd congregating in the VIP area. Once inside, it didn't matter who you were outside of the walls of the club. Everyone in the space seemed to be fully living in the moment. On the dance floor, who you were was up to you. A paradise for those looking to escape, or lock in, or just have a time with some friends or strangers.

The final night of the opening weekend, Destino Ibiza opened its doors with their first party of the season, with Marco Carola once again rising to the occasion, headlining for Destino just as he did for Pacha two nights earlier, although this time going back to back with popular house DJ PAWSA. It was raining, so nobody was hanging around the pool area, instead dancing under the shelter of the large tents installed around the space. Things got pretty packed within the tents, making it somewhat hard to move around, but despite the crowdedness and the rain, everyone seemed to be having a blast. Between the rain jackets, ponchos and makeshift rain shelters — plus people just accepting the drizzle and getting poured on — the party just became more wet and wild.

Following the fun at Destino, flocks of partygoers cabbed over to Pacha to party the night away. Desiree opened the night, bringing her distinct house music style to the club, followed by DJ Duo ANOTR coming on strong to light up the room. Once again the room was packed and the night was a blast. Pacha Ibiza never seems to miss. Throughout the weekend each night was filled with high-octane, exciting energy, and everyone who came out seemed to be on the same page as to what the goal of the night was: party hard.

Photography: Matt Weinberger