Chloë Sevigny, Megan The Stallion and More Star in Mugler's Epic Film

Chloë Sevigny, Megan The Stallion and More Star in Mugler's Epic Film

The pandemic caused many designers to pivot from runway shows to video formats (with mostly lackluster results), but most of them have since switched back to showing IRL. Not Casey Cadwallader, whose experimental fashion films at Mugler have been some of the most talked-about on social media.

And he's not planning on going back to how the way things were anytime soon. The video medium lets him really push his ideas forward in new and invigorating ways. "I've learned too much from doing this. There's just so much more room for expression in this format and to actually connect with the cast," he told a group of reporters via Zoom, adding that these videos are for 10 million people rather than just the 250-500 in a room.

Indeed, his casting has always generated huge buzz and is a big part of why the videos are a hit each time. His Spring 2022 film is no exception, bringing together names like Megan Thee Stallion, Eartheater and Chloë Sevigny together with past collaborators like Lourdes Leon, Dominique Jackson and Bella Hadid.

“It’s important to me that the [cast] is a family and it's growing," Cadwallader says. "I dislike in fashion when someone is ‘cool,’ you use them, and you kick them out —a lot of the industry works this way. And the [cast] are all performers: they are all people who are brave on camera who can really turn it out.”

He worked with Torso Solutions again for this project (the final part of a trilogy), where the camera zooms in and out and above and below — the camera itself is essentially a character that moves with the cast and has its own personality thanks to all the jolts, fades and cutaways. See entire film, below.

Photos courtesy of Mugler