Mitski Merch Is Here to Soak Up Your Tears

Mitski Merch Is Here to Soak Up Your Tears

If you've listened to Mitski's latest album, Be the Cowboy, at all in the two weeks since its release, odds are you are still trying to pull yourself together after bursting into tears at random points in the day thinking about how no one will truly ever understand the real you. A record about contemporary love and loneliness, Mitski's melancholia is absolutely devastating in the way that it speaks to the raw emotions we hide away deep inside of our hearts executed in such a way that we will still be talking about it for years to come.

But what better way to soothe your indie-induced heartbreak than with a little retail therapy! Mitski announced today a new line of Be the Cowboy-inspired merch that goes beyond the standard array of graphic tees and tour sweatshirts. The merch includes as pillowcase that is perfect for crying into, a ramen spoon big enough to catch all your tears, a tote to hold all your baggage from your previous relationship, and a padlock to secure heart so it can't ever be broken again. All of the items are clad in red and white with clever variations on the album's title ("Feed the Cowboy," "Free the Cowboy," "Dream the Cowboy," e.g.) in cursive with the tote featuring artwork by Charlotte Mei.

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Take a look at the items below and purchase them at Mitski's webstore, but act fast because the padlock and spoon are only available in limited quantities:

Photo via Instagram