Millie Bobby Brown Says Finn Wolfhard is a Lousy Kisser

Millie Bobby Brown Says Finn Wolfhard is a Lousy Kisser

Millie Bobby Brown recently revealed that she considers her co-star Finn Wolfhard to be a bad kisser.

In a new Youtube video for Vanity Fair''s celebrity confession-style lie detector series, the Enola Holmes 2 star answered a number of juicy questions while hooked up to a polygraph test. When asked point-blank if Wolfhard, who plays her character Eleven's love interest Mike Wheeler in Stranger Things, was a "lousy kisser," Brown immediately said "he is," which was confirmed to be a truthful response according to the test.

But it didn't stop there. After the interviewer pressed her further, asking if Wolfhard had gotten any better at kissing while working on the show, Brown said, candidly, "Not with me, no." Laughing nervously, the 18-year-old admitted she's never told Wolfhard any of this, but said she's "okay" with him finding out.

Wolfhard wasn't the only Stranger Things star to fall victim to Brown's brutal honesty. When asked if she liked costar Noah Schnapp's signature bowl cut on the show, Brown could not give a direct answer, acknowledging that the show's creators Matt and Ross Duffer were "out to get" Schnapp, who had asked them to change the hairstyle to no avail.

The interview also includes Brown's insights on which of her castmates has the best (and worst) British accent, plus which characters she thinks should have died at the end of Stranger Things season four. Watch the full video below.

Photo via Getty / Rich Fury